FargoOK, not really. We're trying to make a point here. We get lots of email newsletters here and we surf plenty of other websites out there. What, you thought we didn't comparison shop? We see what's going on out there.

What we want you to know, is that you always need to look at the fine print.  Most of these headlines and banners you see are designed to grab you and pull you in without giving up the big catch. Here are a few examples:

- 15% Off!* - See that little * there? Follow that to the notes about all of the exclusions. We counted 55 brand exclusions when we checked out one of these "sales" this week.  What's left?

- 365 Day Return Policy - Wow! Once again, read that fine print.  When we looked further into this one on a site this week we found that the product had to be unused and new in the box to qualify.  Who orders something and doesn't open it for a year?

- FREE SHIPPING ON EVERYTHING! - Sure, that makes it easy to shop. You never have to go to the cart to figure it out.  Thing, is each product is priced to include shipping - even the cheap stuff. We compared a part we sell for $9.95 here to one on a site that had free shipping on everything. Their price? $19.95.  What happens when you order two or order something else inexpensive? It adds up and you lose.

These are just some of the tricks sites will use to lure you into buying without shopping around. We're here for the long haul and we're not playing those games.  When we put a coupon code out, we don't jack the prices up to cover it. We offer fair shipping charges on low-priced items and we work hard to price everything competitively.   If you have questions about prices, ask us! Sometimes we just can't advertise our best price, due to a manufacturer's price restrictions.

Oh, yeah, and we never charge extra for the undercoat.