One day I was sitting in the main office here and I saw a Rigid Industries catalog sitting on the desk. I thought to myself, "oh, great, another lighting company." The factory rep. had just been here and I was told that I really ought to have a look at the sample 2x2 Dually he had left.  Sure, whatever. 

Expecting to be handed a plastic-cased cheapo Chinese-made knock-off light to be handed to me, I almost dropped the Rigid when they let go of it!  Wow! Heavy! Metal!  Then they plugged it into the wall socket, using a special converter cord. Having some LED light experience, I knew to look away. Smart move.

WOW, again!  Boy, was I wrong about these things. The Dually is really well-built. It's heavy (we all know heavy = good, right), well-sealed and bright as all getout.

After reading through the catalog and the Rigid website, I learned that these are all made right here in the USA by some pretty passionate enthusiasts.  In fact, they are so charged up about their line-up that they do crazy things like drag them through the streets, dunk them in fish tanks and even shoot holes through them to make sure they can stand up to anything you can throw at them.

The Dually is a 2x2 LED light, available in either spot or flood pattern. Even newer, the Dually D2 is a 6-element combination flood/spot that puts out over 2,600 lumens.  Rigid light bars make awesome additions to any off-road truck or UTV and they are wired up so even if you do lose an LED, the rest will still keep working - kind of like modern Christmas tree lights!

The lights all have lifetime warranties, are Made in the USA and get this - they are AFFORDABLE and have FREE SHIPPING, too!

Get a look at the whole lineup here.