CURT Manufacturing

Curt Manufacturing, towing productsCURT Manufacturing, Inc. (CMI) stands for EXCELLENCE in our products and our people. CMI is a Manufacturer, Importer, and Distributor of Towing System products, OE Trailer products and Specialty Equipment products that combine competitive price, unsurpassed quality and unparalleled aesthetics. CMI aspires to be the industry leader by recognizing that the customer is King and that our people are our greatest asset.


    CURT hitches feature closed-end main bodies to prevent rusting from the inside out. Precision robotic welding ensures strength and superior fit. Finally, the CURT powder coat finishing process is step above the rest. We mechanically de-scale our steel and subject it to an extensive washing system before applying the optimum thickness of high quality powder coat. We're so confident in the quality of our receiver hitches that we back them up with a limited lifetime warranty and a 1 year finish warranty.

    • Trailer Hitches


    • Step Bumper Drop Hitch Mount
    • Fifth Wheel Hitch
    • Gooseneck Hitch
    • Pintle Hook Hitch
    • Trailer Balls/Mounts/Accessories
    • Trailer Brake Control
    • Trailer Hitch
    • Trailer Hitch Accessories
    • Trailer Lights and Wiring
    • Trailers and Accessories
    • Weight Distributing Hitch


    • Wiring Harnesses (Vehicle-specific or Universal)
    • Wire Tie Strap
    • Electrical Connectors
    • Flasher Units/Fuses/Circuit Breakers
    • Cigarette Lighter Adapter




    • Bike Carrier
    • Bike Carrier Strap


    • Trailer Hitch Ball
    • Trailer Hitch Ball Bushing
    • Trailer Hitch Ball Cover
    • Trailer Hitch Ball Hardware
    • Trailer Hitch Ball Mount
    • Trailer Hitch Ball Mount Holder
    • Trailer Hitch Ball Shank Cover
    • Trailer Hitch Ball Shank Mount
    • Trailer Hitch Ball Sphere


    • Ball Mounts
    • Trailer Balls/Switch Balls
    • Locks
    • Hooks & Anchors
    • Couplers
    • Winches
    • Jacks
    • Hooks
    • Safety Chains & Cables


Prestige Fender Flares

Prestige Fender Flares are manufactured from 100% ABS plastic, which is the OE-approved material and offers optimal performance and superior durability. Superior Quality No shortcuts, no compromises, and no sacrifices are how Prestige has become known for outstanding product quality and competitive value. Their Limited Lifetime Warranty validates their commitment to superior quality with long life expectancy. No Drilling Required Prestige Fender Flares utilize factory OE... read more »
  • SX Street Style Flares SX Street Style Flares

    The Prestige SX street style flares bring a neat and seamless style to your vehicle. This style is perfect for those who prefer a clean-line accessory that blends in well and looks like it came from the factory. This flare is also functional in protecting your vehicle from road debris and most harsh outdoor environments.

  • RX Rivet Style Flares RX Rivet Style Flares

    The Prestige RX rivet style flares provide extra coverage on trucks with larger wheel and tire packages. This style is supplied with Stainless Steel nuts and bolts, which give the vehicle an industrial and aggressive style, without the hassle of actually drilling into the fender. This hardware has passed extensive testing for rust in a strong acidic solution for long periods of time. The Prestige rivet style flares update your vehicle with an awesome wide-body look, while shielding it from road debris. The extra width of the flares is also a great quick fix for covering rust and minor damages on the fender.

  • EX Extra Wide Style Flares EX Extra Wide Style Flares

    The Prestige wide style flares are an excellent choice for 4x4 trucks with oversized wheels and tires. The extra width of coverage for the tires ensures optimum vehicle body protection from rocks and road debris, keeping paint and body damage to a minimum. Depending on the model application, the extra 4-6 inches of coverage is also a quick fix for hiding rust and other fender blemishes, therefore reducing the need for expensive paint and body work. Last but not least, this style of flare nicely updates older model vehicles with the wide body look that is so common on today's models.

  • Prestige Lifetime Warranty

    Prestige warrants its products to the original purchaser with respect to product failure such as fading, yellowing, peeling, flaking or warping as a result of workmanship or materials. All Prestige products must be installed correctly per company directions and cannot be modified in any way. The defective part will be replaced at no charge. Paint, installation costs and shipping/handling costs are not covered. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, acts of GOD, accident,negligence or improper care. This warranty gives you specific rights, and you may also have other rights which may vary from state to state. Thank You for choosing Prestige!

Putco Boss Grilles

Customize the front end of your car, truck, or SUV with PUTCO’s grille inserts!


Started in Lake Forest by Roland Trudel being an aficionado himself in the truck lifestyle, he began marketing the brand RBP in all the local shows and events. He started with custom exhaust and quickly began to get the attention of the Offroad enthusiast as being the new breed in the Offroad lifestyle. In 2005 RBP caught the eye of the crew at Lexani and a new marriage was formed, RBP was moved into the Lexani corporate offices and became part of the Lexani family of brands. Lexani’s... read more »
  • Grilles Grilles

    They're big. They're bold. They've got big ol' stars on 'em. Yeah, you know you dig it.

    RBP's grilles are unmistakable. They are the finishing touch to your truck build. They make a statement, that's for sure. If it's the statement you want to make, then check out Rolling Big Power Grilles here.

  • HD Bumpers HD Bumpers

    Rolling Big Power HD Bumpers are big and bold, just like their grilles. They look awesome and are built stout. Front and rear bumpers are available for most major truck current models.

    Check out Rolling Big Power Bumpers here.

  • Step Bars Step Bars

    Rolling Big Power Step Bars are the real deal. They not only look tough - they are tough. These guys aren't just to help you get in the truck. No, they are fully functional as nerf bars, as well, to protect your truck's rockers from mishaps on the street or trails.

    Check out Rolling Big Power Step Bars

  • Air Intake Kits Air Intake Kits

    Keeping with the big and bold theme, RBP takes it under the hood with their Air Intake Kits. We all know that better breathing engines pump out more power. So, not only will your truck get more power - it'll also look even more impressive when you raise the hood to show it off.

    Check out Rolling Big Power Air Intake Kits

  • Exhaust Kits and Tips Exhaust Kits and Tips

    Now that you have that RBP intake to get more are in, you need an RBP exhaust system and tip to get that used air back out. RBP kits are Mandrel-bent Stainless Steel and you can even get them black coated (our favorite). Polished or black tips are also available separately if you want to nasty up your current exhaust.

    Check out Rolling Big Power Exhaust Kits and Tips

  • Wheels Wheels

    Rolling Big Power has put the "R" in their name with their awesome new aluminum wheels. What else can we say? They look great, so...

    Check out Rolling Big Power Wheels

  • More More More! More More More!

    The list of RBP goodies just keeps on going. Keeping with the theme, RBP has floor mats, mud flaps, gauge faces, badges, hitch pedals, bed nets, hitch covers...

    Check out more from Rolling Big Power

Rough Country

Rough Country is one of the most innovative suspension, lift kit and accessory manufacturers in the business. In fact, they are one of the oldest manufacturers. When you buy a Rough Country part, you are buying from a company with experience and great customer service. Rough Country parts are all backed by their Lifetime Warranty , too! Please note, we are constantly adding Rough Country products. If you don't see what you're looking for, please contact us. We definitely... read more »

    Rough Country suspension lift kits are some of the most inclusive kits on the market. Many manufacturers skimp on components but not Rough Country. Great kits at an awesome price and great customer service make Rough Country our top pick.

    Suspension kits range from 2-8" in most cases. Some smaller kits consist of leveling kits up front and blocks in the rear, while taller kits are more complex and require a lot more work to install. Most kits that are 4" or taller will require considerable front end installation work.


    Rough Country leveling kits are a great way to get extra tire clearance and a more aggressive look on your truck without the expense of full suspension lift kits.

    Coil spring spacers and strut spacers come in fixed heights and usually range from 2-3". Installation is pretty straightforward and takes a couple hours. Vehicles with torsion bars use new keys which are clocked a few degrees from stock. Installation is simple, but does require a torsion bar tool to safely unload the bars. Torsion key kits are infinitely adjustable between typically 1-3".

  • Lighting, Light Bars, and Mounts Lighting, Light Bars, and Mounts

    Ready to light up the night? Rough Country doesn't just make lift kits, you know. They also offer a range of LED lights, light bars, and vehicle-specific mounts!

  • Armor and Skid Plates Armor and Skid Plates

    Rough Country offers a full line of Jeep and truck armor and skid plates. Beef up your rig for the trails now!


    Body lifts can be the answer to clearing larger tires and simply having a more aggressive look. The advantages of a body lift compared to a full suspension is that your ride remains stock, installation is sometimes easier and there is little to no maintenance.

    Body lifts can also be used in conjunction with leveling or suspension lifts to gain an extra inch or more of tire clearance when needed.


    Everyone knows that factory Jeeps are merely canvases, waiting to be painted and turned into truly individual masterpieces. Rough Country has all sorts of Jeep add-ons to help achieve your dreams

    Some examples are upgraded suspension parts (control arms, tie rods, tracbars), spare tire spacers, winch mounts, side rails, differential guards and even grab handles.

  • Throttle Body Spacers Throttle Body Spacers

    Rough Country offers a full line of electric recovery winches to fit most trucks and Jeeps. Rough Country winches feature series-wound motors, 3-stage planetary gears and a wired remote. Unlike most winches on the market, they also include a wireless remote, as well! Each model is available, either with steel cable and a roller fairlead or synthetic rope and a Hawse fairlead.


    Rough Country offers a full line of electric recovery winches to fit most trucks and Jeeps. Rough Country winches feature series-wound motors, 3-stage planetary gears and a wired remote. Unlike most winches on the market, they also include a wireless remote, as well! Each model is available, either with steel cable and a roller fairlead or synthetic rope and a Hawse fairlead.


    Lifting your vehicle and adding larger tires presents a problem when you want to run your factory wheels (some aftermarket wheels, too). Once you add larger and wider tires, you'll need to move them outward in order to clear suspension parts or your fenders. Rough Country's answer is to use their aluminum wheel spacers.

    Spacers are available in bolt-pattern-specific models for most Jeeps and trucks.

  • Rough Country Lifetime Replacement Warranty Rough Country Lifetime Replacement Warranty

    Rough Country Suspension Systems offers a Lifetime Replacement Warranty on all suspension products including Shocks and Stabilizers*. All products are warranted to be free from defects in material and craftsmanship for the life of the vehicle if utilized in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions for installation and operation of said products. Rough Country’s Lifetime Replacement Warranty is non-transferable and may only be enacted by the original purchaser of warranted equipment.

    *Note: Some suspension components are prone to gradual wear and tear over time and therefore are not covered within the Lifetime Replacement Warranty. Exclusions to our standard Lifetime Replacement Warranty include wear and tear items such as mountings, bushings, diminished shock and stabilizer dampening resistance, finish, dents and scratches as these components and issues can wear out or occur naturally over time.

Rough Country Test

Rough Country is one of the most innovative suspension, lift kit and accessory manufacturers in the business. In fact, they are one of the oldest manufacturers. When you buy a Rough Country part, you are buying from a company with experience and great customer service. Rough Country parts are all backed by their Lifetime Replacement Warranty , too! Shop By Vehicle No attributes to narrow your search. - Year - - Make - - Model - - Submodel - Clear... read more »

Superchips Performance Tuners

We'll upgrade any in-stock Superchips item that has Free Shipping to 2 day air! We'll ship the same or next business day, depending on when we get the order in and processed, of course.

  • Mail-In Rebates!

    Purchase any new Superchips Trail Jammer kit, VIVID, Flashpaq or Cortex product between April 15, 2012 - May 31, 2012 and receive up to $50 by Mail-In Rebate.

    Get the details and download your rebate form here

    How Tuning Works

    A tuner downloads new high performance tuning information to your vehicle’s computer, and stores the original information in case you ever want to go back (you won't). The real value of a tuner is the work and experience that goes into that new tuning setup for your vehicle. You don’t get that expertise by being in the business for just a few years.

    At Superchips, their engineering teams adjust all of the elements that affect vehicle power: air/fuel ratio, fuel injector flow rates and spark timing. They also tune shift characteristics of an automatic transmission for maximum acceleration and a high performance driving feel.

    Thirty years ago, these results would have required rejetting a carburetor, reworking the spark advance on the distributor and installing a transmission shift-improvement kit. Today, it’s knowing how to read fuel and spark maps, knowing exactly where to push the limits and testing, testing, testing.

    There are several key factors to creating a tune for your vehicle. First, it has to maximize power without causing you headaches. That means no broken parts caused by the increased power. One of the measurements Superchips use in their testing is Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT). This is especially critical in turbo diesel applications. It’s easy to create really impressive power increases for these vehicles, but a skyrocketing EGT is going to lead to broke engine parts, no questions asked.

UnderCover Tonneau Covers

All UnderCover tonneaus are manufactured in the U.S.A. using the most technically advanced software, machines and equipment in the industry. Each UnderCover is made to fit perfectly and last for years. Installation of all UnderCovers can be done by a single person in the driveway with simple hand tools, however, it is easier with a helper. Sturdy, light-weight and great looking. UnderCovers are our top choice for hard tonneaus and are available for most truck applications. All... read more »
  • UnderCover SE Tonneau Covers UnderCover SE Tonneau Covers

    The UnderCover SE hard tonneau cover is the flagship model. The SE features new styling and a single lock. Underneath, two quick-release struts hold the cover up, there's a pull-strap to close it and an LED light helps you see at night. All UnderCovers are easy to remove when you need to have an open bed for hauling and come with hooks to hang it up in your garage.

  • UnderCover SE Smooth Tonneau Covers UnderCover SE Smooth Tonneau Covers

    While all UnderCovers are paintable, the UnderCover Smooth tonneau cover is actually intended to be. By not having the texture of the standard SE models, the smooth version is easier to paint and will have a more matched look, once installed.

  • UnderCover Classic Tonneau Covers UnderCover Classic Tonneau Covers

    The original, super-durable, UnderCover tonneau. Like the SE model, this UnderCover features quick-release struts, a grab handle and an LED light. The Classic has two locks.

  • UnderCover Flex Tonneau Covers UnderCover Flex Tonneau Covers

    UnderCover's Flex tonneau covers offer a hard tri-fold design. It's low profile, removes easily, secure, and weather resistant.

  • UnderCover SwingCase UnderCover SwingCase

    The UnderCover SwingCase is the perfect answer to the question of "Where can I keep my stuff if I don't have a tool box?" The SwingCase uses that practically useless bit of real estate behind the wheel wells, keeping it out of the way when you have big objects like sheets of wood to haul around. As you can guess from the name, the SwingCase swings around on a hinge for easy access at the tailgate. SwingCase models are side-specific, so be sure to pick either a driver or passenger side model when ordering.

  • Configurator See what an UnderCover will look like on your truck!

WARN Industries

Founded in 1948 by Arthur Warn, Warn Industries began producing locking hubs for surplus World War II Jeeps, converting thousands into useful, on-road vehicles. Today, Warn builds a wide range of products for trucks, Jeeps, ATVs/UTVs, motorcycles and even industrial hoists, air compressors and snow plows.

  • Jeep, Truck and SUV Winches Jeep, Truck and SUV Winches

    Perhaps the world's best-known winch brand, Warn is almost always at the top of anyone's wishlist. Four series are available to best fit your needs and budget:
    - Entry Level Series - Designed to deliver the best value for the entry level winch user.

    - Premium Series - Long-time best selling winches, such as the XD9000i and the M8274-50 have been chewing up the competition for years.

    - Ultimate Performance Series - Ambitious. Advanced. Tough-as-nails. Revolutionary technology fuels the best winches on the market today.

    - Heavy Weight Series - The brute strength that heavier trucks and SUVs need. Feature pulling capacities up to 16,500 lbs.

  • ATV and Side By Side Winches ATV and Side By Side Winches

    Warn offers two main categories for ATVs and side by sides - XT and RT. They are the same winch, however, the RT models come with a wireless remote and synthetic winch rope, instead of cable.